Thursday, April 23, 2015

Review of From Hell to Breakfast by Cynthia St. Aubin

Cynthia St. Aubin writes in one of my favourite romance styles. Her characters are witty, likeable, annoying and just down right funny. Her original series The Case Files of Dr. Matilda Schmidt, Paranormal Psychologist is great. In fact it is where Crixus got his start so you may want to go back and read that series too!!!!!!!

I love the way Ms. St. Aubin combines Greek Mythology with a modern twist. I thought I knew all of the players. Imagine my delight to meet a new member. I may be the only person who has never seen Spartacus.

Now that he has his own series Crixis comes into his own. He seems more well-rounded and flawed at the same time. He still has the bad boy aura about him that made you like him in the Matilda series but now we get a much better look at him as a ‘person’.

You believe his chemistry and the struggle with Vinnie. Who hasn’t had a boyfriend/girlfriend that you want to kiss and shake at the same time?

And I love the twist put on the portrayal of the Sirens and Hades, in fact I have to wonder if maybe in the future we aren’t going to see Hades a bit more (hint hint Ms. St. Aubin)

The book moves at a light-hearted fast speed. It’s the perfect read to help you unwind and relax. There are just enough twists and a light touch of mystery to help you keep turning the page.

The book goes on Sale May 19th!!!!!!!!!!

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Waking Up Dead Sale

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She expected heaven or hell. She got Alabama.

When Dallas resident Callie Taylor died young, she expected to go to heaven, or maybe hell. Instead, when she met her fate early thanks to a creep with a knife and a mommy complex, she went to Alabama. Now she's witnessed another murder, and she's not about to let this one go. She's determined to help solve it before an innocent man goes to prison. And to answer the biggest question of all: why the hell did she wake up dead in Alabama? _____________________________________________


When I died, I expected to go to heaven.

Okay. Maybe hell. It’s not like I was perfect or anything. But I was sort of hoping for heaven.

Instead, I went to Alabama.

Yeah. I know. It’s weird.

I died in Dallas, my hometown. I was killed, actually. Murdered. I’ll spare you the gruesome details. I don’t like to remember them myself. Some jerk with a knife--and probably a Bad-Mommy complex. Believe me, if I knew where he was, I’d go haunt his ass.

At any rate, by the time death came, I was ready for it--ready to stop hurting, ready to let go. I didn’t even fight it.

And then I woke up dead in Alabama. Talk about pissed off.

You know, even reincarnation would have been fine with me--I could have started over, clean slate and all that. Human, cow, bug. Whatever. But no. I ended up haunting someplace I’d never even been.

That’s not the way it’s supposed to work, right? Ghosts are supposed to be the tortured spirits of those who cannot let go of their earthly existence. If they could be convinced to follow the light, they’d leave behind said earthly existence and quit scaring the bejesus out of the poor folks who run across them. That’s what all those “ghost hunter” shows on television tell us.

Let me tell you something. The living don’t know jack about the dead.

Not this dead chick, anyway.


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Margo Bond Collins is the author of a number of novels, including Sanguinary, Waking Up Dead, Taming the Country Star, Bound by Blood, Legally Undead, and Fairy, Texas. She lives in Texas with her daughter and several spoiled pets. She teaches college-level English courses online, though writing fiction is her first love. She enjoys reading urban fantasy and paranormal fiction of any genre and spends most of her free time daydreaming about vampires, ghosts, zombies, werewolves, and other monsters.


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